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Wodecy fastener company founded in 1992.We specialized in design, manufacturing and sales of various rivets and insert nut. With the last thirty years development, Wodecy is become a leading blind rivets supplier and have the largest rivets production base in the north of china. Our factory cover the area of 60,000 square meters and have more than 150 sets advanced equipment from Italy and Taiwan.

  • working principles of bulb rivets

    Lantern rivets are special blind rivets processed by a special process. After riveting, the nail cap becomes lantern-shaped, hence the name lantern rivet. lantern rivets can be called tri fold rivet or bulb rivet also 1. Working principle of lantern rivets: During installation and use, the rive...
  • Rivet nut solutions for the automotive in...

    Lightweighting of automobiles is an effective way to save energy and reduce emissions. The most effective means of lightweighting automobiles is the application of lightweight alloy materials. At present, lightweight bodies using a variety of materials have been developed abroad, but their connec...
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